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How To Post Screen Shots
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14th Jun 2014

So you need to report something, well here is how you report with pictures.

Take a screen shot in game : F2 for windows 7/vista/xp and cntrl+F2 for Windows 8  (if I'm wrong please message me) or  FN+F2 for Macs and Notebooks  (mini laptops)

Next You Go to a folder and the search bar, you typer %appdata%

You then will see .minecraft, click that then find screen shots. In there you will see your screen shots. Go to a browser and type in

Get a account, i know you guys hate signing up to things but your almost done. After you have signed up and are logged in, click upload, its bright orange.

Click upload and find the picture your using to report. 

After you upload it. You should see the pick, click the picture you uploaded and click direct link. Copy it. It should auto.

You have to click this button here. There is a URL spot. Delete everything in there and just past ( ctrl v ) or ( right click it and hit the past button )

tada You have put the picture in there

- Yes i used bluesparkles56's plot. Like the house guys,  and the hot air balloons 

That is how you post pictures in your report.

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