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If you were denied.
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12th Jun 2014

Please do not make a fuss about it. We tend to accept moderators in waves, and after that wave we go through and clean up the moderator application channel. You are free to re-apply after at least 3 days. This means that you should not re-apply tomorrow, you should not re-apply in two days, you should re-apply after three days.
Generally, if you are denied, it is because you did not elaborate enough in your application, or maybe staff have seen you being a bit too immature on the server. Maybe it is because we just haven't seen you around much (which might be our own fault).
Whatever it is, don't take a denial as a personal attack. Figure out why we might have denied you (it could have just been that we aren't looking for more at the moment), and see if you can fix it!

We tend not to give the exact reason why you were denied, but here are the most common ones:
•Your application doesn't stand out above other applications
•You have prior warnings or punishments on the network
•You haven't been on the server long enough
•The core staff hasn't personally seen how you act. This may just be the result of bad luck and timing.
•Formatting. While this isn't really a reason for us to deny your application, we are much more likely to glaze over it if you don't have any line breaks.
•Not using the application template

Joined: 30th May 2014
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19th Jun 2014

Allitle more info to this part that stands out.

•You have prior warnings or punishments on the network

NOTE: This is is you have multiple warnings, multiple Mutes and multiple ban's. We can check your warnings and determine if your eligible or not eligible. We check your ban record through the Appeal Page, thats the only way to get unbanned.or unmuted. If you have a lot of warnings, mute and a couple of bans / tempbans, you will not be eligible to apply for moderator thus your thread being locked and denied.

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Forum » Community » Moderator Applications Locked
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