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30th May 2014

This topic will include any other general information for chat moderators. Read this topic in its entirety.


/mute [player|*] ([time(mhd)|perm]) ([reason])
Issuing this command, you can mute temp or perm. ( m=Minutes ) ( h=Hours ) ( d=day ) ( perm=Permanently )

/unmute <player>
-Used to unmute a player who has been muted. If somebody was muted for valid cause, do not unmute them. Tell them to submit an appeal on the forums.

/warn <player> <reason>
-Initiates a global message that will give the specified player a warning. After the second mute begins automatic temporary muting by the server. Keep the reason field valid and the warn legitimate.

/dwarn <#> Deletes a players warn, Only if there were more then 1 person warning the same person.

-Socialspy is used to monitor private messaging being sent to other players. Using this command is optional. Keep in mind that you should be paying more attention to global chat than you should private messaging.

/tp <player>
-Teleports yourself to a specified player.

/tpo <player>
-Teleportation override. Teleports yourself to a specified player who may have their teleportation disabled.
Do not abuse this by teleporting to other staff members who may not want to be teleported to. It's best to only use this form of teleportation when needed.

-You Can Track A grief by doing /co I : This will help you see who griefed and the time


One commitment of being a staff member is to be active on the server. Those who are deemed inactive but never reported their inactivity beforehand will be demoted. If you've acquired a disease from licking a sewer rat, injured yourself in a boating accident, need to take some time away from a personal loss, or any other possible circumstance that wasn't mentioned but would take away time from your duties, report it to me directly or post a topic on the forums to inform us of your absence. I do not wish to demote a moderator for something that isn't their fault so make sure to report it if you feel you'll be offline for more than a week. Other examples of possible inactivity are being grounded for squishing a cockroach inside of your sister's makeup kit and losing your internet connection.

Understand that inactivity, in this context, is defined as a prolonged absence from the server caused by an incident or circumstance that would otherwise impede your ability to moderate. Having other responsibilities assigned to you on another server is not a valid excuse for being inactive on our server as you're still playing Minecraft. It's OK to moderate multiple servers but if you cannot evenly distribute your time amongst the servers, then you have two choices:
A) Resign from your duties on the other servers to moderate this server or,
B) Resign from your duties on this server.


Do not ask to be promoted beyond the moderator title.

Do not ask me why you were not promoted but another staff member was. You definitely do not want to publicly complain about it either. Crying about something because you did not get your way is a sign of immaturity.


You're prone to demotion for the following reasons:
-Using your title to achieve a desired result (telling someone that you'll mute them if they don't help you build, etc),
-Power abuse (muting people for invalid reasoning, etc),
-Unresposiveness with your duties (having an active presence on the server but not offering assistance or warning violators),
-Violating server rules,
-Unreported inactivity,


If you've noticed a staff member violating any server rules or being far too immature, report it to me. Make sure to include some form of proof if possible so that it makes my life easier and I don't need to investigate via the logs.


If you are requested to help a player for grief or if there is a player advertising like via book or via sign. Take screen shots then post it on the reports and let a admin deal with it


You have the power to warn players for

Spam, Spam Encouraging, Profanity, Bypass, Caps. If you even want to warn for Profanity Via build, its up to you. IF a player advertises, don’t warn them, mute them, then post a report in the forums.

Spam Encouraging: Say 123, what dose the fox say, Say hi to youtube
Spam: Said More then 3 times within 5 seconds
Profanity: talking about private parts, Building Private parts
Bypass: When they do like wtf as a term of swearing

Aslo on the warns. Dont Say sorry In the Warns. Thanks

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