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30th May 2014

Dear staff. Since the first day I have not seen people warning. That being said, here is a list of what to warn about.

Spam - This can be all sorts of spam. But if they say the same thing 3 times within 5 seconds is spam. When they do (adfasdfadsf) or (13412341324) That is spam also.

Spam Encouraging - Spam encouraging is where they encourage people to join them like ( say 123 if you love dogs )
( say hit to youtube ) ( # ) That is spam encouraging

Profanity - This can be warned for via build and via chat. For via build its where they build private parts to the girls or guys. For via chat. It can be where they say the private parts in chat.

Bypassing - Its where they bypass the the swear warning by saying ( F.U.*.K or S.H.#.T ) That is bypassing chat filter. It can be other ways like ( wtf )

Disrespect - This can be disrespect to via player or via staff. Its when they go up against one player and starts saying things that should not be said

Swearing - When they go full on swearing. No Bypassing

For Alcohol and Drug References - If it is via item, its not warn able due to we don't know who made it. If its via chat, then you can warn them for it. If its Via build. report them to the website

This will update in the future time. But for now this is just here. If you have anymore that I need to add. Private message me and I will think.

Staff, can you start warning for these things!

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Forum » Community » Admin And Moderator information Locked
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